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Site description: 71 여성향 스토리텔링 게임을 제작하는 루시드림입니다.
Website title: 루시드림 Lucydream
Website Overview: Overall there are 3 off-site links on the homepage of the website. The past 3 months resulted in Alexa position shift by -11754 for Alexa Global rank for is 334923. At this time, our database holds no entry of registration date. The server, which itself is located in Mountain View; United States, has an IP address
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Server region:Mountain View; United States
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query : 도메인이름 : 등록인 : 주식회사 스토리타코 등록인 주소 : 경기도 수원시 영통구 대학4로 17 316-4호(이의동, 에이스타워1차) 등록인 우편번호 : 16226 책임자 : 주식회사 스토리타코 책임자 전자우편 : Email profile not revealed 책임자 전화번호 : 02-6111-7985 등록일 : 2018. 02. 09. 최근 정보 변경일 : 2018. 02. 09. 사용 종료일 : 2019. 02. 09. 정보공개여부 : Y 등록대행자 : (주)가비아( DNSSEC : 미서명 등록정보 보호 : clientTransferProhibited 1차 네임서버 정보 호스트이름 : 2차 네임서버 정보 호스트이름 : 호스트이름 : 호스트이름 : 네임서버 이름이 .kr이 아닌 경우는 IP주소가 보이지 않습니다. Domain Name : Registrant : Registrant Address : 17 Daehak 4-ro Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si Gyeonggi-do,   Registrant Zip Code : 16226 Administrative Contact(AC) : AC E-Mail : Email profile not revealed AC Phone Number : 02-6111-7985 Registered Date : 2018. 02. 09. Last Updated Date : 2018. 02. 09. Expiration Date : 2019. 02. 09. Publishes : Y Authorized Agency : Gabia, Inc.( DNSSEC : unsigned Domain Status : clientTransferProhibited Primary Name Server Host Name : Secondary Name Server Host Name : Host Name : Host Name : - KISA/KRNIC WHOIS Service -

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Creation date:No data yet
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No data yet연애 시뮬레이션No data yet
No data yet꽃미남No data yet
No data yet루시드림No data yet
No data yet스토리텔링No data yet
No data yet게임No data yet
No data yet여성향No data yet
No data yet비주얼노벨No data yet
No data yetLucydreamNo data yet
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Alexa stats updated on:February 15th in 2018
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Delta of the rating:-11754
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Global ranking:334923
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Server: Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu) X-Powered-By: PHP/5.5.9-1ubuntu4.23 X-Mod-Pagespeed: Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8 P3P: CP="NOI CURa ADMa DEVa TAIa OUR DELa BUS IND PHY ONL UNI COM NAV INT DEM PRE" Set-Cookie: ci_userlang=english; expires=Sun, 01-Apr-2018 07:28:29 GMT; Max-Age=2592000; path=/; Set-Cookie: ci_kisession=a%3A5%3A%7Bs%3A10%3A%22session_id%22%3Bs%3A32%3A%226d0a77af4933134c5553dfdd958377b0%22%3Bs%3A10%3A%22ip_address%22%3Bs%3A12%3A%22130.211.3.85%22%3Bs%3A10%3A%22user_agent%22%3Bs%3A120%3A%22Mozilla%2F5.0+%28Windows+NT+6.1%3B+WOW64%29+AppleWebKit%2F537.36+%28KHTML%2C+like+Gecko%29+Chrome%2F47.0.2526.73+Safari%2F537.36+OPR%2F34.0.20%22%3Bs%3A13%3A%22last_activity%22%3Bi%3A1519975709%3Bs%3A9%3A%22user_data%22%3Bs%3A0%3A%22%22%3B%7Da15620455924a18703f8b6065491db40; path=/; HTTP/1.1 200 OK Set-Cookie: ci_kisession=a%3A4%3A%7Bs%3A10%3A%22session_id%22%3Bs%3A32%3A%226d0a77af4933134c5553dfdd958377b0%22%3Bs%3A10%3A%22ip_address%22%3Bs%3A12%3A%22130.211.3.85%22%3Bs%3A10%3A%22user_agent%22%3Bs%3A120%3A%22Mozilla%2F5.0+%28Windows+NT+6.1%3B+WOW64%29+AppleWebKit%2F537.36+%28KHTML%2C+like+Gecko%29+Chrome%2F47.0.2526.73+Safari%2F537.36+OPR%2F34.0.20%22%3Bs%3A13%3A%22last_activity%22%3Bi%3A1519975709%3B%7Dddcddf7148de1c1370b4ad5eeeb86b30; path=/; Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2018 07:28:29 GMT Content-Length: 190413 Cache-Control: max-age=0, no-cache, pre-check=0, post-check=0 Vary: Accept-Encoding Set-Cookie: ci_kisession=a%3A4%3A%7Bs%3A10%3A%22session_id%22%3Bs%3A32%3A%226d0a77af4933134c5553dfdd958377b0%22%3Bs%3A10%3A%22ip_address%22%3Bs%3A12%3A%22130.211.3.85%22%3Bs%3A10%3A%22user_agent%22%3Bs%3A120%3A%22Mozilla%2F5.0+%28Windows+NT+6.1%3B+WOW64%29+AppleWebKit%2F537.36+%28KHTML%2C+like+Gecko%29+Chrome%2F47.0.2526.73+Safari%2F537.36+OPR%2F34.0.20%22%3Bs%3A13%3A%22last_activity%22%3Bi%3A1519975709%3B%7Dddcddf7148de1c1370b4ad5eeeb86b30; path=/; Via: 1.1 google Set-Cookie: ci_kisession=a%3A4%3A%7Bs%3A10%3A%22session_id%22%3Bs%3A32%3A%226d0a77af4933134c5553dfdd958377b0%22%3Bs%3A10%3A%22ip_address%22%3Bs%3A12%3A%22130.211.3.85%22%3Bs%3A10%3A%22user_agent%22%3Bs%3A120%3A%22Mozilla%2F5.0+%28Windows+NT+6.1%3B+WOW64%29+AppleWebKit%2F537.36+%28KHTML%2C+like+Gecko%29+Chrome%2F47.0.2526.73+Safari%2F537.36+OPR%2F34.0.20%22%3Bs%3A13%3A%22last_activity%22%3Bi%3A1519975709%3B%7Dddcddf7148de1c1370b4ad5eeeb86b30; path=/; Pragma: no-cache
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