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Site description: 1870 提供香港公司,開公司,註冊香港公司服務,註冊成立香港有限公司和註冊成立香港公司,註冊公司工作,由香港熟識公司法的律師辦理,每天前去公司註冊署辦公司註冊手續,亦註冊海外公司,註冊費用平、手續块。歡迎註冊離岸公司,香港公司註冊收費平宜,成立公司手續快,成立香港公司快和妥,香港公司成立程序。有香港現成公司出售,一天完成,特快成立不加收費用。註冊香港公司或香港公司註冊或在香港創辦企業或在香港註冊公司或成立香港公司或註冊公司。和中國不同,註冊香港公司無最低註冊資本要求,不須驗資,註冊香港公司資本可以經公司決議提高,香港葉謝鄧律師行提供註冊香港公司,在香港註冊公司,註冊離岸公司,註冊BVI公司,香港公司註冊等法律諮詢及法律服務;草擬法律文件,本律師行並提供公司註冊後的相關配套服務律師行提供註冊公司服務(company registration service),還替客户成立公司 (set up new companies),註冊公司收費平宜,成立公司收費紙,註冊公司費用和成立公司收費,可向我們律師樓查詢。公司秘書服務(company secretary service)和公司秘書費用,亦是律師事務所的法律服務,公司秘書收費平。註冊公司流程與成立公司流程快捷專業。如申請撤銷公司註冊(deregistration of Hong Kong companies)或註冊海外公司(overseas companies),如註冊百慕達公司,註冊英屬維京群島(BVI)公司,註冊開曼群島公司,註冊香港公司,成立香港公司,可查詢。香港公司方面, 辦理公司改名,公司周年申報表(Annual Return) ,撤銷不營運公司註冊 (dormant Hong Kong companies),和其香港有限公司法律服務(Hong Kong limited companies legal service),亦歡迎查詢。
Website title: 香港公司注册、成立香港公司、海外公司注册、成立海外公司、注册香港有限公司、注册香港无限公司 : 叶谢邓律师行
Website Overview: Expiration of will occur on September 27th in 2019. The server, which itself is located in Central District; Hong Kong, has an IP address The past 3 months resulted in Alexa position shift by +43067 for Overall there are 7 off-site links on the homepage of the website. At this time, our database holds no entry of registration date. Alexa Global rank for is 766251.
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Server region:Central District; Hong Kong
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  1. +-28668080
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  1. a-e 20th floor china overeseas bldg
  2. unit a- e 20/f china overseas bldg
Expected expiration:September 27th in 2019
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------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Whois server by HKIRC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- .hk top level Domain names can be registered via HKIRC-Accredited Registrars. Go to for details. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Domain Name: SCB.COM.HK Domain Status: Active DNSSEC: unsigned Contract Version: HKDNR latest version Active variants Inactive variants Registrar Name: Hong Kong Domain Name Registration Company Limited Registrar Contact Information: Email: Email profile not revealed Hotline: +852 2319 1313 Reseller: Registrant Contact Information: Company English Name (It should be the same as the registered/corporation name on your Business Register Certificate or relevant documents): YIP, TSE & TANG Company Chinese name: Address: A-E 20th Floor China Overeseas Bldg 139 Hennessy Road Wanchai Hong Kong Country: CN Email: Email profile not revealed Domain Name Commencement Date: 12-09-2002 Expiry Date: 27-09-2019 Re-registration Status: Complete Administrative Contact Information: Given name: Thomas Tse Family name: . Company name: YIP TSE & TANG Address: Unit A- E 20/F China Overseas Bldg 139 Hennessy Road WANCHAI HONG KONG Country: CN Phone: +-28668080 Fax: +-28666000 Email: Email profile not revealed Account Name: HK1416681T Technical Contact Information: Family name: . Company name: YIP TSE & TANG Address: Unit A- E 20/F China Overseas Bldg 139 Hennessy Road WANCHAI HONG KONG Country: CN Phone: +-28668080 Fax: +-28666000 Email: Email profile not revealed Name Servers Information: NS1.YTT.COM.HK NS2.CYBERCHN.COM.HK Status Information: Domain Prohibit Status: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Registry contains ONLY,,,,, and .hk $domains. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHOIS Terms of Use By using this WHOIS search enquiry service you agree to these terms of use. The data in HKDNR's WHOIS search engine is for information purposes only and HKDNR does not guarantee the accuracy of the data. The data is provided to assist people to obtain information about the registration record of domain names registered by HKDNR. You agree to use the data for lawful purposes only. You are not authorised to use high-volume, electronic or automated processes to access, query or harvest data from this WHOIS search enquiry service. You agree that you will not and will not allow anyone else to: a. use the data for mass unsolicited commercial advertising of any sort via any medium including telephone, email or fax; or b. enable high volume, automated or electronic processes that apply to HKDNR or its computer systems including the WHOIS search enquiry service; or c. without the prior written consent of HKDNR compile, repackage, disseminate, disclose to any third party or use the data for a purpose other than obtaining information about a domain name registration record; or d. use such data to derive an economic benefit for yourself. HKDNR in its sole discretion may terminate your access to the WHOIS search enquiry service (including, without limitation, blocking your IP address) at any time including, without limitation, for excessive use of the WHOIS search enquiry service. HKDNR may modify these terms of use at any time by publishing the modified terms of use on its website.

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No data yet公司註冊No data yet
No data yet成立海外公司No data yet
No data yet成立英屬處女島公司No data yet
No data yet新的註冊服務有限公司No data yet
No data yet註冊香港公司No data yet
No data yet註冊公司收費No data yet
No data yet註冊海外公司No data yet
No data yet公司註冊服務No data yet
No data yet成立香港公司No data yet
No data yet成立處女島公司No data yet
No data yet現成香港公司No data yet
No data yet公司註冊代理No data yet
No data yet香港現成公司No data yet
No data yet成立公司No data yet
No data yet成立公司收費No data yet
No data yet公司秘書費用No data yet
No data yet成立香港公司No data yet
No data yet註冊公司No data yet
No data yet香港公司註冊No data yet
No data yet註冊香港公司No data yet
No data yet註冊公司No data yet
No data yet海外公司法律服務No data yet
No data yet成立公司No data yet
No data yet公司秘書服務No data yet
No data yet註冊香港公司費用No data yet
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Alexa stats updated on:April 30th in 2018
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Delta of the rating:+43067
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Global ranking:766251
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