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Innisfil Indy Karting | Innisfil Indy Karting
The Best Go Karting, GP Racing in Ontario!
  • Expected expiration: September 30th in 2018
  • Creation date: September 30th in 2003
  • Renew date: September 14th in 2016
  • Google Analytics: 41228743-7
Welcome to The Academy of Locksmithing | Academy of Locksmithing
The Academy of Locksmithing was formed under the guidelines of the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 to provide professional technical training in the field of locksmithing.
  • Expected expiration: June 16th in 2021
  • Creation date: June 16th in 2011
  • Renew date: March 30th in 2017
  • Google Analytics: 72306728-9
Welcome to InnPower | InnPower
Welcome to the new website for Innisfil Hydro, now InnPower. Here you are able to view your account, find helpful information, and do your own home audit
  • Expected expiration: November 14th in 2021
  • Creation date: November 14th in 2011
  • Renew date: March 21st in 2017
  • Google Analytics: 52012712-47
  • Expected expiration: May 14th in 2021
  • Creation date: May 15th in 1998
  • Renew date: February 9th in 2016
Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy & Custom Orthotics | StepUp
We now offer physiotherapy, athletic & massage therapy! StepUp dispenses custom orthotics, knee bracing and custom fit compression socks in Barrie.
  • Expected expiration: January 25th in 2019
  • Creation date: January 25th in 2016
  • Renew date: December 27th in 2017
  • Google Analytics: 15931814-75
  • Google Plus Account: 113974685116920596786
Sports Performance and Rehabilitation Centre | Concept of Movement
Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy and Sports Conditioning Training in Barrie Ontario
  • Expected expiration: December 10th in 2019
  • Creation date: December 10th in 2010
  • Renew date: December 1st in 2016
  • Google Analytics: 41228743-5
  • Google Plus Account: 103172189197864233104
Welcome to CGMH | Collingwood General & Marine Hospital
CGMH is 68-bed hospital located in Collingwood, Ontario (approximately 90 minutes north of Toronto) that serves more than 60,000 permanent residents and 3.5 Million annual visitors to the communities of Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Clearview and The Blue Mountains.
  • Google Analytics: 52012712-54
Cottage Canoe | Cottage Canoe
Cottage Canoe is now open and serving up delicious meals in a casual cottage environment.
  • Expected expiration: December 5th in 2022
  • Creation date: November 10th in 2012
  • Renew date: December 11th in 2017
  • Google Analytics: 52012712-14
Welcome to Parsons ADL | Parsons ADL
Over 30 years as a Canadian manufacture of home health care products. Our commitment to our customer service has made Parsons ADL Inc. a leader.
  • Expected expiration: August 21st in 2017
  • Creation date: August 22nd in 1997
  • Renew date: August 8th in 2016
  • Google Analytics: 44863560-50
Welcome to the Wild Dietitian | Wild Dietitian
A place where a love of food and nature come together to create healthier, happier children and families. As a registered dietitian, I am here to share...
  • Expected expiration: December 8th in 2018
  • Creation date: December 8th in 2016
  • Renew date: November 9th in 2017
  • Google Analytics: 72306728-39
Home | PROergonomics
PROergonomics offers professional, proactive and productive ergonomic consulting services to aid in reducing workplace MSD injuries
  • Expected expiration: April 24th in 2021
  • Creation date: April 24th in 2012
  • Renew date: October 19th in 2016
  • Google Analytics: 41228743-14
Important Chinese Arts Auction with No Reserves or Buyer Premiums | Joanies House of Treasures
Joanies House of Treasures is a Family Run and Owned Estate Auction Company. We have been Dealing Antiques professionally for over 25 years.
  • Expected expiration: February 28th in 2018
  • Creation date: February 28th in 2013
  • Renew date: April 3rd in 2017
  • Google Analytics: 72306728-32
Barrie Gymnastics Club | Barrie Kempettes Gymnastics
The Barrie Kempettes Gymnastics Club is a community organization that provides quality programs, training, motivation and leadership for gymnasts at all levels of the sport.
  • Expected expiration: October 22nd in 2018
  • Creation date: October 22nd in 2004
  • Renew date: December 5th in 2017
  • Google Analytics: 72306728-18
Fishing Camps located on Bark Lake | Glassy Bay
Glassy Bay Outfitters is a newly formed company that was established in 2012. After scouting lakes in the Algoma Region, we found what we truly call a Pear
  • Expected expiration: April 6th in 2018
  • Creation date: April 6th in 2016
  • Renew date: August 8th in 2016
  • Google Analytics: 72306728-30
Welcome to Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Centre | Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation
We are a quality-driven multi-disciplinary rehabilitation company that has been serving residents of Barrie and the surrounding areas for over 25 years
  • Google Analytics: 60128097-6
Irish Pub in Barrie | Donaleighs Irish Public House
Irish Public House in Barrie Ontario, Fresh, Amazing Food, Good Times & Cold Draft
  • Expected expiration: April 16th in 2018
  • Creation date: April 16th in 2011
  • Renew date: March 18th in 2017
  • Google Analytics: 15931814-22
Jarlette Health Services | Jarlette Health Services
With over 40 years of experience, Jarlette Health Services cares for more than 1600 residents at 20 Retirement and Long Term Care Homes throughout Ontario.
  • Expected expiration: June 20th in 2022
  • Creation date: June 20th in 2000
  • Renew date: March 30th in 2017
  • Google Analytics: 15931814-6
Home Cleaning Services | Perfect Clean
Professional home cleaning services in Barrie Ontario. Private, Reliable and Quality residential cleaning.
  • Expected expiration: January 22nd in 2019
  • Creation date: January 22nd in 2014
  • Renew date: January 24th in 2018
  • Google Analytics: 52012712-27
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