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Off-Grid Europe Home
EASY. Whether you need a small system for a shed, or a large system to power your entire farm - we know how. Each system is completely personalised to your energy requirements and adapted to your budget.
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  • Creation date: September 23rd in 2012
  • Renew date: October 11th in 2015
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Home - Mactra Off grid Equipment South West UK
Mactra Off Grid - top end products for harsh, remote locations. Exclusive UK distributor for both Superwind and Sunset Solar power generation products. Hoppecke batteries. This equipment can't afford to fail.
  • Renew date: February 4th in 2018
HOPPECKE - Wir machen elektrische Energie verfügbar für jeden und überall.
  • Renew date: March 17th in 2014
DAHBASHI ENGINEERING - Heavy Equipment Spares, Motive Power ,Reserve Power, Service & Lease.
DAHBASHI Engineering, Dubai, Hevy Equipments, Material Handling, Engine, Drive Train, Hydraulics, Filter, Electrical, tractions batteries, chargers, accessories
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  • Creation date: July 2nd in 2000
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Accueil - batteries industrielles
distribution et vente en gros de tous type de batteries industrielles AGM , gel ou à électrolyte liquide avec plaques planes ou tubulaires destinées pour les UPS, telecom , secours et lumiéres.
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  • Creation date: September 16th in 2009
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